An Easy Way to Make Teacher Feedback More Concrete and Actionable

As a coach or school leader, you’re observing myriad classrooms and teaching practices. You give teacher feedback through detailed notes of strengths and areas for growth. This qualitative teacher feedback is important for improvement. But do you just sense teachers are improving? Like any data-driven educator, you probably want to look at quantitative data to…

Putting the Development into Professional Development Data

PD is about development, and it’s ok to be developing toward something over time.

What was missing from the professional development landscape was a way to use frameworks to easily capture data that are useful for understanding changes over time and to actively support a growth-focused mindset during the reflection process.

Our solution to this challenge is Leveled Indicators, a feature which allows the coach to align their written feedback to a framework and capture the teacher’s current level based on all the evidence.

New reports enable a coach to spot trends in teacher performance across an entire group of teachers, and teachers can quickly see their own growth over time and put that into the context of the group.