Resources for Teachers & Instructional Coaches – October 2019


It’s October, and that means it is time for us to suggest some recommended reads for teachers and instructional coaches that lead to less haunted and spooky times in the classroom. Here are a few articles for educators about professional development.

It’s no trick! Research says a hybrid model of using district and school-based instructional coaches is the real treat.

Some schools use building-level instructional coaches who are also teachers at their schools, while others use full-time instructional coaches through the district. Experts recommend a hybrid model of district and school-based coaches to combine the strengths of both approaches.

Researchers are finding, however, that whether coaches are accountable to district leaders or local school administrators — data that is also being collected in the survey — can make a difference in how their time is used.

Seeing the Whole Lesson with Video Reflection (Tech & Learning)

  Amy Henderson, 11th grade English teacher at the Wonderful College Prep Academy in Delano, California, details how she records her lessons to find insightful ways to engage her students. “Video reflection is incredibly helpful for specific, targeted lessons, as well as for noticing patterns in instruction,” she says. Regardless of if you are a…

Resources for Teachers & Instructional Coaches – August 2019

Colored pencils, dry erase markers, tissues… here are a few more things to add to your back-to-school (reading) list if you’re someone who supports teacher professional learning. When struggling as a teacher, it’s tempting to hide in your room. However, helpful solutions may be right down the hall. Don’t feel alone, there are many common…