How Video Coaching Has Replaced Airplanes For Teachers in Alaska

For the first 13 years of teaching, it was routine for Angie Alston to hop on a plane to observe a teacher in another school.

This is because her school — Brevig Mission School — is located in a small, isolated town on the Seward Peninsula in Alaska. The town is closer to Russia than it is to more populous Alaskan cities such as Fairbanks or Anchorage.

“You are looking at three days of missed instructional time just to watch one day of teaching,” said Angie.  “It was just so complicated. There was a lot of resistance to the extra work of making substitute plans and getting out of the classroom.

Cultivating Strong Agriculture Education Teachers Using Video Reflection and Custom Learning Goals

Chemists are exposed to chemistry by their teachers today.  So too are future agriculture engineers, soil scientists, and natural resource managers exposed to these career paths by their agriculture education teachers. Like many other teaching certification programs, in-field teaching experience is a requirement of certification. Before Edthena, Oklahoma State’s ag ed program was unable to…