Cultivating Strong Agriculture Education Teachers Using Video Reflection and Custom Learning Goals

Chemists are exposed to chemistry by their teachers today.  So too are future agriculture engineers, soil scientists, and natural resource managers exposed to these career paths by their agriculture education teachers.

Like many other teaching certification programs, in-field teaching experience is a requirement of certification. Before Edthena, Oklahoma State’s ag ed program was unable to blend the theories taught in the classroom to the in-field experience. Now, they use video coaching as a model to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

“Video fundamentally changes the experience by moving teacher candidate experiences and perceived needs to the forefront,” said Marshall Baker, a professor in the program.

Cal Poly Pomona Uses Video Coaching to Train More Special Ed Teachers for High-Needs Regions (Tech & Learning Leader)

The US is facing a critical shortage of special education teachers. Forty-nine states currently report having more demand than available supply of certified teachers. The need to increase the number of fully trained special education teachers led the US DOE to provide scholarships and technology over the next five years to teacher candidates at Cal…