Resources for Teachers & Instructional Coaches – June 2020

Regardless of the format for learning, whether it be a distance teaching or live classroom environment, teachers are still the lifeblood of a school’s success. They are the frontline workers for our students. Here are some resources for educators that are centered around planning for professional development in the next academic year, as well as some classroom management tips for distance teaching. 

Provide educators a choice for their professional development. Administrators are thinking now about the best ways to support their teachers 

There is still plenty of uncertainty about what school will look like this fall. Consequently, educators need to be given various options for professional learning.

A Note to Our Community of Educators and Partners

Being silent is not an option. Yes, we believe that there is injustice and inequity in this country—as it relates to education and more broadly as it relates to the systems and structures that hold people back for no reason other than who they are. Yes, this is not acceptable. This moment, though, is not…

Feeding Forward with Video for Teacher Professional Learning

This is a guest post authored by Amy Tepper and Patrick Flynn. Authors of Learner-Focused Feedback and Feedback to Feed Forward, Amy and Patrick draw on their own experience as classroom teachers and school district leaders. More info on their work and free resources can be found at Tepper and Flynn. We had to reimagine…