Jim Knight on the Impact Cycle & PEERS Goals

According to Jim Knight, author of The Impact Cycle, “video is the most powerful tool for professional development… except for maybe the computer and the internet.” But why? And how does this structure called the Impact Cycle help to make it so effective?

One reason is that video offers teachers a “clear picture of current reality.” According to Knight, other attempts to provide teachers with feedback fail in this regard. As a result, educators are surprised to see the reality of their instruction when presented with video evidence.

Jim Knight presented alongside Adam Geller, author of Evidence of Practice, at the Learning Forward Annual Conference in Orlando, Fla., last fall.

Building a Sustainable and Scalable Professional Development Model for Math Teachers with Video Coaching

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Watch Jim Knight as he reveals his best practices and worst mistakes for instructional coaching with video

Using video for instructional coaching with teachers is “a revolutionary act” according to author and researcher Jim Knight. “You’re fighting against the culture by saying, ‘no we’re going to make a real thing happen.’” Video may be the best tool for getting a “clear picture of current reality.” However, instructional coaches should still use best…