Reflecting on Teaching Practice Would Remain Important ‘even if the edTPA goes away tomorrow’ (AACTE 2017)

Preparing career educators

“Although we use Edthena to prepare our students for edTPA, every assignment we do with video, we try to craft something that we would use even if the edTPA goes away tomorrow.”

These are the words of Rebekah Stathakis, faculty at Northwestern University in Chicago. She presented how she uses Edthena with students at this year’s American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education Annual Meeting.

Rebekah detailed how exactly video is a key element of the teacher training experience.

“Video presents a chance for our student teachers to really think deeply about their practice using evidence,”

From Theory to Classroom: Using Video Observation to Increase Teacher Self Reflection (AACTE 2017)

Reflection to inform the future Video is often thought of as tool to provide teachers with immediate feedback on their practice. But Megan Kelley-Peterson, a professor in the University of Washington’s U-ACT program, thinks video reflection can have a much broader impact. Megan shared how she uses Edthena to support first-year teachers at this year’s…