Developing a Recipe for Video Professional Development

Chocolate is great on its own. Really great.

But sometimes chocolate can be enhanced by mixing it with a few ingredients to create a chocolate chip cookie.

We think video self reflection is really great. It’s a research-proven way to help teachers improve their practice. 

But sometimes video self reflection mixed with other types of evidence analysis can improve the professional development experience.

Similar to how a recipe is needed for combining the ingredients into a cookie, we realized that video self reflection needed a set of complementary experiences.

Explorations™ is our answer.

Explorations enable all organizations to implement research-informed strategies for evidence-based learning within a professional development cycle.

Neal McDonald uses video observation as a critical friend

Neal McDonald is a 7th grade ESL teacher in Nashville, Tennessee. He’s also completing a Master’s in Education as part of Vanderbilt University’s Teaching and Learning in Urban Schools program. Neal says that the feedback he’s received from coaches and peers who’ve observed his videos on Edthena has prompted him to adjust his practice in…

Increasing Video Collaboration and Practice-sharing Among Coaches

As VP of Teacher, Leader and Coach Development for The Achievement Network, thoughtfully engaging in coaching conversations that are centered around evidence of practice is something Edlyn Smith needs to do on a near daily basis. That’s why Edthena is a perfect tool for Edlyn and the instructional leadership coaches with whom she works. And…