Innovative Uses of Video in Teacher Education

At the 2016 American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Annual Meeting, professors from the University of Michigan presented on what they’re accomplishing – as well as what they’re learning – now that they are a program that uses video throughout their program.

“We think that video is the ideal medium for supporting learning in pedagogies of practice,” said professor Tim Boerst. “What matters, though, is what sort of environment you’ve created to manage the use of video.”

Professors also discussed how using video as a key tool in instructional coaching has had a dramatic impact on both the quality of the feedback they’re able to provide interns, as well as the efficiency with which they’re able to give it.

How a Nationally Recognized School Updated Their Professional Development by Adding Video Coaching into Observation Cycles

Cornerstone Academy, a K-6 charter school in San Jose, Ca., is recognized by Building Excellent Schools as a school that consistently demonstrates strong academic results, sound organizational practices, and a genuine ability to close the achievement gap in their communities. If you ask Marion Dickel, Academic Director of Cornerstone Academy, part of their success is…