Focus on Teaching: Creating a Culture of Coaching

  • Instructional coaching is a constructive form of professional development for K-12 schools, and the key to its success is embedding it into the culture of the school, according to Edutopia’s school leadership blog.
  • Instructional coaching has the ability to enact change in a school or an entire district by creating a mindset on constant improvement.
  •  Collaboration among teachers, and instructional coaches, can improve instructional practice but school leaders to create this culture of coaching to amplify its impact.

At a time in which teacher shortages are more prevalent, many districts are rethinking how best to support new and veteran teachers.

Resources for Teachers & Instructional Coaches – November 2019

Gobble up these recommended reads for teachers and instructional coaches during this holiday break. Here are a few articles for educators about professional development. Stuffed full of knowledge? Don’t consume more, consume better Your Curiosity Quotient is your ability and motivation to learn and make sense of the world around you in a new and…