Focus On Teaching: Some Good News for Some Students, Distanced Learning Leads to Increased Achievement

  • Some students are actually thriving in the remote learning world as teachers have noticed some benefits that have come with the shift to distance learning.
  • Many teachers have noticed the unexpected benefits of self-pacing as their students have the flexibility to complete their assignments on their own schedule.
  • In some cases, the cancellation of extra-curricular activities has led to increased student performance due to an enhanced focus on their school work.
  • Some teachers point to the alleviating stress levels from students due to the lack of state testing as the link to an improvement for some students’ academic performance.
  • The online learning environment contributes to less bullying and allows increased sleep, ultimately reducing anxiety and stress levels among some students.

Focus On Teaching: Creating Community in an Online Classroom

As teaching has moved to virtual classrooms, building community will rely on similar practices that teachers and students have used in the past. Grading could evolve into verbal feedback, conversations, and self-assessments in an online classroom environment. The relationships and connections between students and teachers support the effectiveness of the learning process. The sudden shift…

Integrating Video-Based Coaching In K-12 Education (Charter School Superstars)

Listen to “Ep 69: Integrating video-based coaching in k-12 education with Adam Geller of Edthena” on Spreaker. Ryan Kairalla, an experienced education professional and host of the Charter School Superstars podcast, recently interviewed Edthena founder, Adam Geller, about the experience and benefits of video-based coaching and how educational networks can implement this practice. You can…

Resources for Teachers & Instructional Coaches – April 2020

We are now rolling into our second month in which learning-from-home has become the new normal. Some states have already canceled in-person classes through the end of the academic year due to COVID-19. It’s tempting to focus all our attention on the technical “how-to” for online and distanced teaching. But now, more than ever, educators…