Focus On Teaching: Teachers Teaching From Home, Facilitating Virtual Learning

  • Educators who were expecting to teach in classrooms in Beijing, China, are now teaching virtual classes remotely from their homes.
  • To prepare to facilitate virtual learning, educators had about half a week to set up for online learning.
  • During the first few weeks, patience and flexibility was a necessity. Currently, these educators are engaging with students and providing a high quality online educational experience.


According to Edutopia – What Teachers in China Have Learned in the Past Month, Laurel Schwartz describes how teachers in classrooms in Beijing made the transition to educating students via an online digital platform.

Resources for Teachers & Instructional Coaches – March 2020

This is an unprecedented period as more and more schools are beginning to close down.  However, educators are still trying to find ways to either engage with their students or at least, continue to develop professionally. Here are some useful resources and articles for educators to consume during this time.  Helpful tips for K-12 teachers…