4 Ways to Build Positive Student Relationships in Covid-19 Classrooms

  • The beginning of the school year is a pivotal time for an educator to develop personal connections and positive student relationships that can be sustained during the entire year.
  • Common relationship-building tactics will need to be adjusted given the current virtual and social distancing landscape.
  • Strong relationships with teachers and classmates may be the catalyst for many students to persevere if they are struggling with distance learning.
  • One relationship-building strategy that many educators are using is maintaining weekly or even daily check-ins where the focus is on the student’s emotional well-being rather than their academics.
  • Creating a buddy system where students are paired together allows them to build relationships with their peers.

Distance Learning Student Engagement Strategies

Student engagement and participation in virtual classrooms can be challenging. Students need support when learning and accessing digital tools. Educators nationwide have implemented both synchronous and asynchronous learning strategies to meet the needs of all students, and allow students to have a voice in their virtual classroom. In her article titled, 8 Strategies to Improve…