Trust is a Must for Teacher Video Coaching. Here’s How to Foster It

Maybe you just started using video coaching to support teachers or maybe you’ve been using it for years.

But are the teachers you support resistant to the technology or are you just not making as much progress as you’d hoped?

You might be missing the trust factor.

Emotional intelligence and safety in working relationships are integral to giving and implementing feedback. Not sure how to gain teachers’ trust while using video coaching as part of your instructional coaching process?

Here are three important ways to foster trust with those you support, specifically in the context of a video coaching platform like Edthena.

Is Your School PD Meeting Adult Learning Needs? Here’s How to Ensure It Does

Do you think about andragogy when planning professional development and learning for teachers? Hopefully, the answer is “yes” because andragogy simply means “adult learning.” Students’ age, schema for organizing knowledge, and developmental needs are taken into consideration when teachers plan lessons. So why don’t instructional leaders do the same when planning professional learning for adults?…