Have you seen “What Works” for your schools? Amplify success with a video library of teaching

Consider an existing area of strategic focus for teachers in your district or school.

For example, use of academic language in the content area. Or classroom management. Or even teaching fractions in a late-elementary classroom.

Now, can you name at least one educator who could serve as a model for others?

Has every relevant teacher in your district been able to observe this teacher to learn from her example?

Probably not.

But if you had a video recording and a way to share that video securely to all staff, it would be possible.

New toolsets from Edthena allow any district to curate a video library of searchable lesson segments, tagged to teaching standards, and shared securely to all staff members within the district.

Focus on Teaching: PLCs Can Impact Teacher Innovation

Collaboration within professional learning communities (PLCs) helps teachers innovate in the classroom. More teacher collaboration improves student outcomes, according to Edutopia. Effective PLCs share a common definition of student success measures. Beware! A poorly functioning PLC can stifle innovation if the end-result is all teachers doing the same thing. Successful PLCs embrace productive conflict and…

Focus On Teaching: Questioning Strategies

Asking questions is a strategy that educators use in daily lessons as a check for understanding. The key is asking the right types of questions at the right time in the lesson. Dr. Doug Fisher and Dr. Nancy Frey recommend four types of questions for use with students: (1) What does the text say? (2)…

Resources for Teachers & Instructional Coaches – January 2020

Start off the new year with these recommended reads for teachers and instructional coaches. Professional learning communities increase innovation, student outcomes PLC’s help teachers to determine a common language for learning and assessments. They also provide a conducive space for innovation as teachers in PLC’s will try out new strategies. Ultimately, effective PLC’s will embrace…

Focus on Teaching: Creating a Culture of Coaching

Instructional coaching is a constructive form of professional development for K-12 schools, and the key to its success is embedding it into the culture of the school, according to Edutopia’s school leadership blog. Instructional coaching has the ability to enact change in a school or an entire district by creating a mindset on constant improvement.…