Equality Middle School Gave Teachers More Ownership, Time Using Edthena

Amanda Huza, middle school principal of Equality Charter School in The Bronx, knew that video had the potential to be a powerful tool for the teachers and coaches on her staff. She needed a system for video that wouldn’t overwhelm her teachers and coaches. When Amanda introduced Edthena as a core component of Equality’s professional development curriculum, she…

Observing Educators Across Washington For Board Certification

Nancy Rosenberg helps full-time educators become Board Certified behavior analysts. They are located throughout the state of Washington, and the program takes place entirely online. Nancy and her team for the Applied Behavior Analysis Distance Education program at the University of Washington have used video to observe candidates since the program started. Last year they switched to using Edthena for their video observation…

Confronting Hesitations About Video Coaching in a School District

While Diane and her team were excited about the promise of how video coaching could enhance teacher support, they were nervous about how everyone would react to the new video-powered process.

She quickly found the hesitations erased as teachers started using Edthena. The teachers quickly developed habits of a collaborative community and showed enthusiasm for sharing their practice.