The Five Layers of Edthena Security

Preventing evildoers from getting their hands on your data comes in many forms: how we restrict access to our servers, how we interact with service providers, and how we transmit content to users.

Our users demand a place where their video and data are not only stored safely but also protected from unintended access. We believe we’ve built Edthena into the secured sharing platform that our users need.

Why YouTube isn’t a solution for classroom observation videos

When explaining Edthena to someone for the first time, the common question is why YouTube can’t be utilized to achieve the same end-goals. We’d like to think that there is a lot of value in the way we facilitate collaborative conversation on video. These are things that YouTube isn’t designed to do. But let’s assume…

Edthena is now a member of AACTE

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been accepted for membership into the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Educators (AACTE). At first glance, this might seem strange, since we’re not a college of education. However, AACTE’s qualification for membership is that an applicant must have improvement of the education of teachers as a primary purpose.…

Video Uploading is as Important as Video Conversations

Ultimately, it came down to providing whatever we needed to ensure users could be successful with the entire video observation and feedback process. And it turned out that, the process was more than just how to interact with videos online. We had to help users get the videos online.