A Note to Our Community of Educators and Partners

Being silent is not an option.

Yes, we believe that there is injustice and inequity in this country—as it relates to education and more broadly as it relates to the systems and structures that hold people back for no reason other than who they are. Yes, this is not acceptable.

This moment, though, is not about all the injustices for all the different types of people. This moment is about acknowledging the specific and systematic injustices faced by black people in America and demanding a change.

Black Lives Matter.

It’s about saying that enough is enough. Something is gravely wrong. We can’t go on pretending anything to the contrary.

Black Lives Matter.

It’s unjust that our systems of policing lead to the death of black people more often, simply because they are black.

Black Lives Matter.

It’s not acceptable that a 14-year-old black girl, trying to process what’s happening, says she hopes that her own children or grandchildren might live in a country without this type of racism.

No. It must be now. Anything less or further off or delayed is an unacceptable injustice.

Black Lives Matter.

If we’re not willing to stand up as an organization and say that Black Lives Matter, we would be part of the problem.


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