Must-Have Tech Tools for Instructional Coaches (Easy EdTech Podcast)

Monica Burns from the popular Class Tech Tips blog has a new podcast called Easy Edtech, and the most recent episode highlights Edthena as one of the must-have tech tools for instructional coaches when considering video observation and feedback for teachers.

You can listen to the full podcast by clicking the player above and see below for a transcript.

Curious about data instructional coaches love within Edthena? Check out Group Stats.

Here’s the transcript from ~11:40:

Another popular tool to add to our list is Edthena.

I shared the book Evidence of Practice: Playbook for Video-Powered Professional Learning in a blog post earlier last year. The author of this book is the creator of an EdTech tool called Edthena. Edthena is a tool for video coaching, so someone can record their lessons and share the recording with a coach who can give feedback that connects to a particular moment of a lesson.

When I think about a tool, like this the first thing I think of is a football coach reviewing game tape with players. Then my thoughts shift to my time as a classroom teacher sitting in meetings with my admin after an observation in my classroom. When she mentioned something that she really liked or an area in need of improvement, sometimes I didn’t remember that particular thing happening. It’s not that I didn’t believe her, there is just a lot going on in a classroom during a 45 minute period. It would have been super useful for her to rewind the tape and say something like, “This was a moment when I really like how you {fill in the blank}” or  “This is a moment when you might have tried something different.”