Doubling Down on Education

We talk a lot about education at our company. We serve education organizations to help them achieve their goals of helping teachers get better at teaching and, ultimately, increasing outcomes for children in classrooms.

So while we’re an education technology company, it’s no secret that we have people on our team who serve in a sales role.

And part of the process of selling our platform is demoing our platform. We often record these demos and then use Edthena to analyze, comment, and implement changes to our practice.

On one hand, it’s a testament to the platform that we’ve built that it adds value even to our own workflow. But on the other hand, it helps add fuel to all the outsiders who often ask “Why don’t you try to sell to other markets? This would be great for ____!”

Double Down Counting CardsThe blank can get filled in with salespeople, managers, doctors, public speaking… essentially any context where feedback on one’s role would be appropriate.

It’s tempting to let ourselves get distracted and go after all these different opportunities. But instead, we’re staying focused on education.

This is not to say that our technology will never be applied to these contexts. We can easily envision how our solutions could be re-branded and sold under a name other than Edthena some day.

Instead, it’s meant to convey we’re staying focused to make sure we develop the right thing for educators.

To make sure that we deliver nothing less than excellent product experience for all our existing users.

To make sure that we follow-through on our promises to current clients to have the best platform for facilitating the development of teachers (and other educators) within an education context.

PS-As a team, we’re each particularly passionate about helping transform how teachers experience professional development in this country, too. Many of us are former classroom teachers. Having an impact on Education in the broadest sense is what gets us out of bed each day and motivates us when working late or on the weekends.

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