Confronting Hesitations About Video Coaching in a School District

While Diane and her team were excited about the promise of how video coaching could enhance teacher support, they were nervous about how everyone would react to the new video-powered process.

She quickly found the hesitations erased as teachers started using Edthena. The teachers quickly developed habits of a collaborative community and showed enthusiasm for sharing their practice.

The Five Layers of Edthena Security

Preventing evildoers from getting their hands on your data comes in many forms: how we restrict access to our servers, how we interact with service providers, and how we transmit content to users.

Our users demand a place where their video and data are not only stored safely but also protected from unintended access. We believe we’ve built Edthena into the secured sharing platform that our users need.

Teacher tools are like an ice-cream sandwich

In consumer technology explaining your place can be as simple as explaining the problem and solution in one sentences: People have a pain point, and we have a solution for that. In education, though, while you might be solving a real problem for educators and delivering value, you also need to explain how you’re part…

Clarifying a misconception about teacher improvement and teacher evaluation

There’s a misconception developing about the umbrella term “teacher quality” as the process of “teacher improvement and evaluation” – that evaluation and improvement are the same process. I see this happening in my day-to-day conversations with people about Edthena. I often say that we’re bringing observation and feedback online for teacher improvement. The most common…