Why we love our PD tools (eSchool News)

Ask most teachers what they think of their district’s professional development (PD) and you’ll most likely get a grimace or an outright groan. But PD tools don’t have to be unproductive. With the right products, such as one of the ones below, your teachers will be grinning instead of groaning.

“Video coaching with Edthena provides us with a sustainable and scalable professional development model. Teachers videotape themselves and then share it with their colleagues asking for specific feedback. Being able to leave timestamped comments has allowed us as coaches to create conversations at the specific point in time that we want the teacher to reflect on. This year, we will use video as an informal look at the level of math conversations going on in their classrooms.”
—Barb Corna, lead academic specialist for the Accelerate Math program. Northwood Elementary School, Napa, Calif.

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