Coach Approach to K12 Teacher Professional Development (District Administration)

District Administration featured an Edthena partner, the Urban Teacher Residency Partnership program, for their use of video coaching.

“The Urban Teacher Residency Partnership Program, a collaboration between the University of South Florida and Florida’s Hillsborough County Public Schools, leverages video coaching to support preservice teachers in the classroom. Teachers record themselves; then the mentor watches the video and offers content coaching in literacy, math or science.

“The goal would be to physically observe our residents teaching, but that’s not always possible,” says Karl Jung, an assistant professor of K8 science education at the university’s Department of Teaching and Learning, which runs the residency program.

Upon completion of the two-year program, residents are guaranteed a teaching position in Hillsborough. “The intention is to provide a very clinically rich experience for residents—having them out in the field, working with master teachers for an extended period of time, linking theory and practice,” Jung says. “You can’t learn about teaching through a methods course and a short field experience.”

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