Finally! A Low Cost Microphone for Capturing Great Classroom Audio with Any Camera

2.4g wireless lavalier microphone for teachers

Nearly any device with a camera can be a great tool for capturing classroom footage, but sometimes the built-in microphone on your Chromebook or iPad may not be the best at capturing crisp audio of teacher talk or of students during group work.

We’ve found a low-cost, plug-and-play solution!

For $33 or less, you can buy a wireless lavalier microphone kit that works perfectly for capturing classroom audio. 

Ready to purchase without reading the rest? Head on over to Amazon and search for “2.4g wireless lavalier microphone.” Make sure you pick one which includes the Y-adapter (more on that below). There are several sellers with different brand names like Kimafun, Allcaca, and Xiaokoa — they all seem to be manufactured by the same company.

Review of wireless, clip-on lapel mic for classroom video

Ok, so the price is nice. But the most important thing is that these lav mics will perform well in a classroom setting without any complicated set up or configuration.

The receiver automatically pairs with the lapel microphone, and the kit we recommend includes the necessary Y adapter to ensure compatibility mobile devices. Without this adapter, some mobile phones will interpret a microphone as a headphone.

The microphones uses a USB-rechargeable battery rated for up to six hours of use, and the kit includes a charging cable.

We know that some schools sometimes choose to invest in a classroom audio system or a Swivl camera robot for capturing their Edthena videos. But those devices can only be used in one place at a time and often require checkout from the media center.

The cost of these microphones is so low you can buy one for each classroom paired with the camera devices you already have.

For the same price as one Swivl camera robot in one classroom, you can buy 25 wireless lavelier microphones to be used by teachers across your school.*

Another advantage to using the recommended clip-on microphones is that you won’t need to use any special apps to record your video… you can use our one-click video recording and upload tool inside Chrome browser.

On our end, we’ve double-checked that this microphone will work correctly with Chromebook, iPad, Windows, macOS, Android, and even the new iPhone X and Pixel 2 which utilize a headphone jack dongle with their respective Lightening and USB-C ports.

* At the time of writing, the Swivl C3 package was marketed for $799. A seller on Amazon was offering the recommended teacher lavalier microphone kit for $32.99. We’ve linked to an Amazon search results page in this post, too. We are not affiliated with any of the sellers.

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