Cal Poly Pomona Uses Video Coaching to Train More Special Ed Teachers for High-Needs Regions (Tech & Learning Leader)

The US is facing a critical shortage of special education teachers. Forty-nine states currently report having more demand than available supply of certified teachers.

The need to increase the number of fully trained special education teachers led the US DOE to provide scholarships and technology over the next five years to teacher candidates at Cal Poly Pomona College of Education and Integrative Studies. These candidates are future teachers for the Los Angeles County region of the state.

A central feature of the training program will be the use of video analysis of classroom practice powered by the Edthena video coaching platform. The grant money will cover all technology costs for the teachers, including a new iPad.

“We are hoping to place many of our candidates in the region’s high-needs districts, as well as in remote tribal schools that have a high population of Native American students with special needs,” says Heather Wizikowski, PhD, assistant professor and principal investigator of the grant.

“Video coaching, which we’ve previously implemented on a smaller scale, will enable us to provide our candidates with virtual classroom observations and ongoing supervision during their student teaching so they can continually improve their instructional practices.”