USC Rossier’s MAT program, an early adopter of video, looks to get stronger (USC)

The USC Rossier School of Education has decided to partner with the professional development organization Edthena to better incorporate video coaching into its Master of Arts in Teaching program.

Under the partnership, announced Wednesday, teacher candidates will use the video-based classroom observation platform throughout the duration of the program to track their progress in the areas of planning, instruction and assessment, as well as to submit their preliminary licensure assessment.

“When we launched our online MAT in 2009, we made the bold decision to integrate video fully into the design of our program,” said Karen Symms Gallagher, dean of USC Rossier. “With this new partnership with Edthena, we are not only improving on this invaluable and essential practice, we are also providing the tools that will increase effectiveness for new teachers who will be leading classrooms throughout the nation.”

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