Using Video For Self Reflection (Smart Brief)

“During student teaching, we were taught to reflect upon our day. It’s a wonderful idea in theory. But, after a day of searching for missing pencils, having inside recess and asking a student why her bracelet is stuck in her hair, we are often too tired or too busy to reflect. The saving grace is being able to record and observe ourselves.

We use Edthena’s platform to record video. Here are benefits we’ve reaped from this exercise:”

Using Video For Self Reflection (Smart Brief)

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Jim Knight on the Impact Cycle & PEERS Goals

According to Jim Knight, author of The Impact Cycle, “video is the most powerful tool for professional development… except for maybe the computer and the internet.” But why? And how does this structure called the Impact Cycle help to make it so effective? One reason is that video offers teachers a “clear picture of current…