“I Am The Coach That I Am Because Of Edthena” – An Interview With A Real-Time Teacher Coach

We recently sat down with Samantha Reichard, a Multi-Classroom Leader and Real Time Teacher Coach at Ranson IB Middle School, a Project L.I.F.T. school in Charlotte, NC.

In her work as a Multi-Classroom Leader, Samantha coaches the Real Time Teacher Coaches at Ranson on how they provide real-time coaching to classroom teachers. This is coaching that entails providing teachers with real time feedback as they execute lessons using innovative “bug in the ear” technology.

Samantha helps coaches improve using the CT3 Education Real Time Teacher Protocols, along with CT3’s No-Nonsense Nurturing Framework.

But CT3’s tools are not the only tools she utilizes in her work.

“We use Edthena with pretty much everything that we do,” Samantha said.

In fact, Samantha said that video is not only a powerful tool in her work with Real Time Teacher Coaches, but that video revolutionized her personal abilities and mindsets, coach, too.

“Personally, I am the coach that I am today because of Edthena.”

“When I was trained with CT3, I recorded everything that I did and uploaded it to Edthena,” Samantha said. “The video helped me see the non-verbal cues, body postures, and tones that go along with hidden mindsets that I had as a coach.”

“It completely changed my belief in the power of coaching teachers.”

Before we parted ways, Samantha shared some advice for fellow coaches.

“If you’re afraid of being innovative, or of trying something different, know that the worst thing that can happen is the same thing that’s been happening.”

“Since adopting Edthena and these new protocols and strategies, I’ve noticed fundamental shifts in the way we work with and believe in our scholars.”‘

Edthena has worked with Real Time Teacher Coaches via CT3 for a number of years. You can read our Partner Profile of Michael Prada, CT3’s Chief Program Officer, here. And watch the video above by clicking on the play button.