Colorado Union Steps Up Teacher Development (Politico)

The Colorado arm of the National Education Association is partnering with professional development platform Edthena to deliver teacher-to-teacher professional support to its members. The union’s partnership with Edthena will expand its professional development offerings by using video to connect teachers hoping to improve their skills, while fulfilling the training requirements imposed by their districts. “Using Edthena, teachers can record their classroom instruction and receive feedback from other educators who they respect and trust,” the union said. “Video coaching also allows teachers to become an active part of the evaluation process.”

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How Snapchat and Instagram are Influencing Teacher Training at Washburn

Today’s learners—and tomorrow’s teachers—use video throughout their everyday lives on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. Cherry Steffen says video should be used throughout a teacher candidate’s university experience, too. As the chair of the department of education at Washburn University, she has helped formalize the use of video within the field experience for student teaching.…