Sharon Robinson: Technology and Neuroscience Will Shape the Future of Teaching (Part 3 of 3)

Technology and neuroscience, among other things, will shape the way in which we prepare educators in the future, according to Sharon Robinson.AACTE

In the third and final installment of our interview, Sharon detailed what she thinks lies ahead in the future of teacher education and development – along with what she thinks the biggest opportunities for improving education will be moving forward.

“I think the biggest opportunity is the capacity that we have to really document student learning in much richer ways than we do, and bring to the table information that we know makes a difference in how students learn,” she said.

“Developments in technology really allow us to think seriously about individualizing learning across all the disciplines so that students are engaged and actually in charge of where they go with the learning process,” Sharon said. “We can document the progress that they’re making in so many different ways, and give feedback that will be actually part of the scaffolding for their subsequent learning.”

What has Sharon most excited for what lies ahead, though? Adam Geller, Edthena CEO, made a point of asking.

“The explosion of knowledge about learning itself,” Sharon answered.

Sharon is president and CEO of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education – or, AACTE.

She was once a classroom teacher herself, having taught in Lexington, Kentucky, and on an Air Force base in Bitburg, Germany.

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