Teacher PD Dollars Stretch Further With Technology (edWeek)

“As far back as 1980, researchers Bruce Joyce and Beverly Showers identified peer coaching as the high-impact model to pursue. And even though districts are investing in models like professional-learning communities, we are falling short of Joyce and Showers’ vision. Instead of rehashing the old news of our underperforming PD, let’s choose to make the conversation about how we can transform teacher learning in the same ways to which we aspire for our K-12 students.”

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Focus On Teaching: Some Good News for Some Students, Distanced Learning Leads to Increased Achievement

Some students are actually thriving in the remote learning world as teachers have noticed some benefits that have come with the shift to distance learning. Many teachers have noticed the unexpected benefits of self-pacing as their students have the flexibility to complete their assignments on their own schedule. In some cases, the cancellation of extra-curricular…