New Book Highlights Implementing Video for Classroom Observation

Video Research in Disciplinary LiteraciesThere has been a lot of research published showing that using video for purposes of reflection and development in teacher preparation drastically helps teachers enhance their practice.

What’s been documented less are the reflections of organizations implementing video in their work with teachers on the ground and managing change within the organization.

In a chapter titled “Exploring the Use of Video Coding in Literacy and English Teacher Preparation,” George Mason University researchers detail their reflections adopting Edthena throughout their elementary and secondary education programs.

“Edthena is the only technology tool in education that not only enables me to do some part of my job better, but has positively changed the nature of my work in teacher preparation,” said Kristien Zenkov, program coordinator of GMU’s Secondary Education Program. “It is a tool of technology, but more importantly it is a tool of reflection.”

A theme present throughout the chapter was the ways in which using video for classroom observation increased the capacity of the coaches responsible for providing teachers with feedback.

“Edthena allows us to provide more frequent and more authentic feedback to our students as they engage in clinically-based teacher preparation,” said GMU associate professor Seth Parsons. “Its functionality greatly enhances our ability to provide feedback on specific instructional moves and situations.”

“We’re truly honored that the GMU faculty have chosen to share their experiences in such a public manner to benefit other programs considering how video can benefit teachers,” said Adam Geller, founder and CEO of Edthena.

The chapter is part of a book about use of video for teacher learning called Video Research in Disciplinary Literacies, published by Emerald Group.

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