CAEP 2015: Adopting Video Coaching to Support CAEP Standards

At this year’s CAEP conference, Audra Parker, an associate professor in the College of Education and Human Development at George Mason University, shared her experiences adopting Edthena into their teacher training and professional development model.

“Whereas before an assignment would call for students to plan a lesson, now students are planning and teaching the lesson, recording the lesson, and then using the evidence to code together a reflection on the experience.”

Audra and her team piloted Edthena in the spring of 2014. Now the entire Elementary Education program uses Edthena in both methods courses and field experiences, as do a number of programs in both GMU’s Secondary and Special Education programs.

“Edthena is transforming our program and how we think about our course assignments…but it’s also shifting how we work with our district partners. We find more ways to use it every week.”

Watch the presentation below.

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