Observing Educators Across Washington For Board Certification

Nancy Rosenberg helps full-time educators become Board Certified behavior analysts. They are located throughout the state of Washington, and the program takes place entirely online.

Nancy RosenbergNancy and her team for the Applied Behavior Analysis Distance Education program at the University of Washington have used video to observe candidates since the program started.

Last year they switched to using Edthena for their video observation process.

Right away, they noticed that Edthena could support a number of critical functions and processes that other platforms simply could not offer.

What was it like using video with students before Edthena?

While video has been critical to the program since we started it three years ago, up until this year, every part of the process was cumbersome – from the uploading and transmission of videos, to the process of even just watching them.

Trying to engage in feedback conversations around videos was particularly clumsy. The candidate had to turn in a separate log with time stamps of where in the video they had demonstrated skills, and the coach had to flip back-and-forth between this document and the video.

The same clumsy process was used for the coach to deliver feedback, praise, and suggestions to the student. Coaches had to write a separate document after watching a candidate’s video, giving time stamps as to where particular actions took place or where they thought improvements could be made. It was terribly inconvenient.

How did Edthena help streamline your video coaching process?the university of washington

Switching to Edthena has made our process much, much smoother, for both the students and their coaches.

Now when our educators submit a video of themselves in action, they are required to pinpoint the places where they believe they are demonstrating particular skills. Coaches then respond at those particular points in time with both encouragement and suggestions on the student’s use of that skill.

Edthena helped us make sure the candidates know exactly what they are demonstrating and when. And it has also made it very easy for coaches to provide their feedback. This is very important to us.

Now that you’ve used Edthena, would you ever go back to using those old systems?


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