Reinventing observation and feedback by the minute

In the classroom as a teacher I tracked student progress to understand what was working or whether we needed to adjust course.

The same is true with Edthena. We like to track our progress to understand if what we’re delivering is working or if we need to adjust course.

Our partners like University of Michigan have coaching available to give to their teachers / teacher candidates. The Edthena platform solves the traditional challenge of being in the right place at the right time to provide direct and focused feedback.

For this reason the metric we care about most is minutes of video watched. It tells us if people are able to use the platform to replace being in-person to provide the feedback. (Yes, we also track comments on videos.)

Last school year, our users watched about 20,000 minutes of instruction. This was a really exciting milestone to pass. Hey… we started at zero minutes, so this felt like healthy progress.

This school year our users have already watched more than 25,000 minutes of instruction! That’s equivalent to 64 school days worth of time.


You’ll notice we starred the current quarter because we still have a whole month yet to go.

So what does this mean? And why are we excited?

We achieved this growth primarily through expansion with our existing partners. Said another way, once organizations started using Edthena, they found ways to use it more and with more people.

As demand for high quality professional development and training for teachers continues to increase, we’re confident that Edthena can be a key tool to provide high-touch support in an efficient and cost effective way that’s also supported by a strong body of research.

PS- We’ve clearly been suffering from neglected-startup-blog syndrome. So I’ll also make an early New Year’s resolution to ensure we update this blog more often.  If only because we want you to know we’re still working hard on our end to achieve our vision of connecting teachers to coaching anytime, anywhere.


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