Making video compression easy for everyone

We’re committed to developing an experience that is easy for any educator. The challenge is that we’re working with user-generated video. 

While videos are all over the internet and available for instant streaming, it’s actually somewhat tricky to get them onto the internet.

Video files are big. “Compress your video” sounds like a foreign language to some. And without compression, videos can be hard to upload successfully. 

This is why, for the last month, we’ve been developing the Edthena Video Prep Tool to make the compression process as easy as drag-and-drop for our users. 


Without any special training, we can help our users produce a video file that will work great on our site and on the internet. And the best part… the final files are up to 89% smaller than the original!

What does this mean for the typical user?

One of our users started with a 4GB file and compressed it to a file that she successfully uploaded in just 30 minutes on her school connection. Without our tool, it would have taken many many many hours to get that uploaded. 

Send us a note if you’d like to learn more about this and the other great things we’re doing to bring observation and feedback online.

photo credit: Dot D via photopin cc

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